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Petzl ASAP
Petzl ASAP
  • Model: GJzp-zl-asap
  • Units in Stock: 98
  • Manufactured by: Petzl

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Petzl ASAP traveling rope grab Mobile fall arrester with OK TRI-ACT Carabiner, for single kernmantle rope 10-13mm. For use on rope. * To arrest the fall of a single person. * To stop an uncontrolled descent or a slide on an inclined surface. * Locks onto the rope even if device is grabbed by user during a fall. * Locks on vertical or angled rope. * Moves up or down the rope without manual intervention. * Does not slide down the rope under its own weight: remains above the user during descent to limit potential fall distance. * Easy to put on and remove at any point on the rope. * Connects directly to a harness or with an energy absorbing lanyard. The user may choose: o to limit his fall potential (direct connection), o to allow more working room between himself and the safety rope (lanyard). Sold with OK TRIACT automatic locking carabiner 350 g + carabiner (77 g) = 427 g