Figure 8's and Rescue 8's

A collection of Figure 8 Descenders and variations on the original rappel device.

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Edelrid Edelrid Mini 8

Edelrid Mini 8

DISCONTINUED The bent form of this figure 8 helps to increase or decrease the friction on the rope so that, depending on the rope diameter, you can vary the braking power. Very light, a useful device with twin ropes.

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Advanced Base Camp ABC Clasic 8 - Anodized

ABC Clasic 8 - Anodized

When you ropes are frozen or muddy, there is no beating the smooth action of a figure 8. ABC's Classic 8 is one of the most versitile pieces of equipment on any rack. Great for rappelling, ropes courses and climbing walls and towers. Anodized Weight 110 Grams. S trength Rating 25KN


Misty Mountain Omega Figure 8 Rappel Device

Omega Figure 8 Rappel Device

Figure 8 devices remain a popular device for their simplicity, durability and dependability. Forged from aircraft quality anodized aluminum with 35KN minimum breaking strength provides years of hard use.