Climbing Wall Panels

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Groperz Climbing Holds Superior Rock Traverse Wall Panels

Superior Rock Traverse Wall Panels

These climbing panels were molded from the rocks along the north shore of Lake Superior. They offer an aesthetic real rock look and feel. Each 4' x 8' section (2 4' x 4' panels) comes with 20 Groperz Hand Holds and 40 t-nuts and are extreemly easy to install. Each climbing panel exhibits unique color varieations.


Nicros Climbing Holds Easy Wall Climbing Wall Panel

Easy Wall Climbing Wall Panel

EasyWall Climbing Wall Panels are a uniquely designed rock climbing wall panel system that is named “EasyWall” because installation is as easy as bolting it to an existing wall. EasyWall™ panels are 4'x4' (only two inches thick) and are molded from real rock and designed to be bolted to an existing wall. This product is perfect for home climbig walls and smaller spaces...