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Advanced Base Camp LM 10.8mm Reflex Gym Rope

LM 10.8mm Reflex Gym Rope

This is the "rope of choice" of leading gyms across the country. The LM 10.8mm outlasts conventional ropes due to 50% heavier sheath yarns that greatly enhance the durability of the rope. As a lead rope it has a soft hand, and a dynamic core for a comfortable landing. The sheath has also been specially designed to eliminate slippage, a common problem with conventional ropes.

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Advanced Base Camp LM DYNAMIC ROPES


These dynamic ropes combine superior fall protection and abrasion resistance with great handling and flexibility to make the ultimate in climbing ropes. Available in 11mm diameter which is perfect for top roping, big walls, or when facing tough conditions, or 10.5mm diameter which is ideal for sport routes or when weight is a concern. Both diameters are available in a standard or dry finish. The...

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