Lanyards, Sling Lines and Y-Tails for participants and staff tie off.

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Experiential Systems 36" Zip Line Lanyard

36" Zip Line Lanyard

5/8" Multiline II lanyard with an eye splice and galvanized thimble installed on each end. Splices are seized with heat shrunk tube.


Experiential Systems Participant Y-Tail Rope Lanyard

Participant Y-Tail Rope Lanyard

This lanyard is designed for traditional static belay ropes course and aerial adventure park use. A single girth hitch at the bottom connects to the harness directly and two double locking ANSI Z359.12 approved snap hooks are installed on the other legs of the lanyards. Made with ½ inch Pro-Master rigging rope with all splices seized with heat shrink tube.


Experiential Systems Instructor Webbing Lanyard with Shock Pack

Instructor Webbing Lanyard with Shock Pack

Zorber and ANSI z359 rated snap hooks, 5,000 lb rated webbing. This lanyard is designed for staff use on traditional static belay ropes courses and aerial adventure courses.