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Experiential Systems Basics Teambuilding Kit

Basics Teambuilding Kit

The Basics Teambuilding Kit has been upgraded adding over 200 team building activities since it's origination. The Basics Teambuilding Kit now has around 300 different team building activities that provide the right combination for a wide variety of games and initiatives suitable for groups ranging from youth to corporate programs. Everything from name games, ice breakers, consensus tools,...


Experiential Systems Challenger Teambuilding Kit

Challenger Teambuilding Kit

The Challenger Teambuilding Kit is an upgrade from the Basics Teambuilding Kit. This kit gives you the next level of activities (385 in all!) to further challenge your groups. This teambuilding kit contains a variety of fun energizers and tough problem solving initiatives. There are more prop-based activities in the Challenger Teambuilding Kit, breaking it down to $4.66 per activity. Some of the...


Experiential Systems Compression Spring - Belay Load Absorber

Compression Spring - Belay Load Absorber

This compression spring can be used to absorb belay loads on indoor challenge courses and on jumping and diving elements when additional dynamic forces are desired. Spring should always be backed up on critical applications.