Experiential Systems

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Experiential Systems 25- Case of Yellow Guy Markers

25- Case of Yellow Guy Markers

Save Over-$3.00 per Guy Marker when you purchase Case Quantity.   Plastic Full Round Yellow Guy  Marker Plastic Guy Guards are a must on guy wires used on challenge courses, climbing towers and ropes courses. These highly visable guy markers come with Stainless Steel Wrench-Down Bolt - includes stainless steel bolt for tightening unto the guy wire with a wrench. Install them at full...


Experiential Systems 3/8" Zinc Plated Copper Ferrule

3/8" Zinc Plated Copper Ferrule

These 3/8" Zinc plated copper ferrules or sleeves must be swaged in pairs for ropes course belay cables and life lines.


Experiential Systems 36" Zip Line Lanyard

36" Zip Line Lanyard

5/8" Multiline II lanyard with an eye splice and galvanized thimble installed on each end. Splices are seized with heat shrunk tube.