Traditional Belay Devices

These devices are based on the original concept of friction and hand support to slow or stop the climber during a descent

Manufacturer Product Image Item Name Price
Advanced Base Camp Decelerator


The Decelerator is extremely smooth on rappel, locks off a falling climber quickly, and feeds rope like a dream. Cooling channels surround the device, allowing increased surface area and better heat dissipation on rappel. Anodized finish. Great for climbing programs and challenge courses. Weight 76 grams.


Misty Mountain Omega SBG II

Omega SBG II

A longer rigid stem was incorporated into the design of the Super Belay Gadget II (SBG II) The SBG II maintains a fixed distance from your locking carabiner and allows choice of clip-in point and rigging "V" grooves or "U" slots for your preferred amount of friction and braking power. Because of the "fixed distance design" the SBG is smooth and predictable - whether...