Traditional Belay Devices

These devices are based on the original concept of friction and hand support to slow or stop the climber during a descent

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Advanced Base Camp ABC Arc Belay Device

ABC Arc Belay Device

Crafted from high-density aircraft grade aluminum, the ARC is engineered to keep your rope running smoothly through the device for quick payouts and long rappels. The ARC will accommodate ropes up to 11mm and comes in a variety of colors. Great for challenge courses and climbing wall programs. Weight: 60 grams


Advanced Base Camp ABC Spring Plate

ABC Spring Plate

Some things only get better with age. Spring Plates have been around since your father’s father and the reason why is because they work so well. The attached spring acts like a mini shock absorber, redefining smooth belays and rappels. Grat for climbing walls and ropes courses Weight: 80 grams


Advanced Base Camp Decelerator


The Decelerator is extremely smooth on rappel, locks off a falling climber quickly, and feeds rope like a dream. Cooling channels surround the device, allowing increased surface area and better heat dissipation on rappel. Anodized finish. Great for climbing programs and challenge courses. Weight 76 grams.